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5 Stars


West Tree Service is committed to a 5-Star management approach that results in excellence. Each star has an individual message that stands alone yet, when combined, reflect the priorities and guiding theme of the company.

Safety - is the most important aspect of our jobs. It takes priority over all other issues. Safety is an attitude and commitment that starts from the top and is reflected throughout the organization. In this regard, we operate by the following motto: "Life is bigger than West Tree Service. We all have families that depend on us and a life outside of work that we should enjoy. Therefore, first and foremost, work safely to enjoy the fruits of our labor."

Productivity – is an obligation to our customers and ourselves. Safety, proactive management, planning, and logistics are the keys to being productive. Plan the work and work the plan. A motto we operate by is- "do not just work hard, work smart."

Quality – is the hallmark of our company. Quality is defined as safe, productive work that meets company and customer specifications. Customer satisfaction and respect, as well as professional pride in a job well done are the rewards. A motto we operate by is- "if we are going to do a job, do it the right way."

Communication – is the cornerstone on which we build safety, productivity, and quality work. It involves all levels of the organization. A motto we operate by is- "over communicate."

Maintenance – is one of the 5 Stars because it is an integral part of our ability to operate safely and productively, as well as offer quality service.